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Fall 2017
Jan 19, 2018
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SPAN 396 - Spanish Sociolinguistics
Spanish Sociolinguistics is a seminar conducted in Spanish that focuses on the dynamic interaction between language, society and identity. We will take a hands-on, discussion-based approach to understanding key sociolinguistic issues that affect our daily lives and shape our immediate surroundings.
Topics covered include, among others: bilingualism, language contact and language shift in the United States, Spain and Latin America; ethnography of communication among Spanish- speaking communities; endangered languages and language death.
Critical sociolinguistics assumes that race/ethnicity, class and gender are particularly cogent categories of analysis because they are used as tools in the unequal distribution of power, status, and material goods. The production of knowledge for its own sake is not the goal of critical sociolinguistics; rather, social change for the common good is the goal of systematic language analysis and linguistic education.
This seminar attracts a diverse group of Spanish-speaking students from many majors and concentrations. No background in sociolinguistics is necessary.
Students thinking of studying abroad in Spanish-speaking countries can learn about the linguistic particularities of each one. Students who have already studied abroad can use the seminar to contextualize their experiential insights on language and society, and expand on what they learned.

Readings, movies and television programs assigned for the course are all posted on Blackboard. Students respond to texts in an online discussion board and our Sociolinguistics Wiki site. In addition to participation in class and online discussion, students are evaluated by their research projects. They select their topics of interest in collaboration with the professor early in the semester, produce a midterm short multi-media project, and submit a final research paper, which they present in class.

3.000 Credit hours
3.000 Lecture hours
0.000 Lab hours

Levels: MN or MC Graduate, Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lecture, Seminar

Spanish Department

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