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Fall 2017
Oct 23, 2017
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STRT 609 - Advanced Competitive Strategy
The goal of the course is to expand your understanding of strategy by learning a proven methodology for successful strategy development and practicing the application of this methodology to real-world business situations.

In this course we will explore different ways that companies identify opportunities and develop strategies to capture sustainable, profitable business growth.  Businesses survive and prosper when they understand the ways their business environment is changing, identify the implications this has for the way they do business, and take action to shape their business future. Too often, managers focus on the idea of creating competitive advantage versus peers. In this course you will learn that business advantage is often best achieved through non-competitive thinking in which a company places strategic focus on the ways it, and sometimes it alone, can create value for customers and capture this value in the form of profit.  Each company has a distinct set of assets, capabilities, customers, business partners, and product offerings, which present distinctive opportunities, threats and strategy options.  Companies achieve success not by emulating what competitors are doing, but by making the right choices for their business. Companies that choose to serve customers for whom they can deliver a truly valuable product or service experience and then engineer their delivery approaches to be able to do this profitably will succeed regardless of what competitors are doing.  Moreover, the more a company tunes its strategy to profitably deliver the specific experience its target customers want, the more distinctive its customer offerings and operational processes become, making them harder for competitors to copy.

In case and class discussions we will explore both the theory and practice of strategy. Each class is designed to introduce you to a proven methodology for business strategy development, expose you to useful analytical tools, and then exercise your skills by applying newly learned concepts to actual business situations.  Coursework is intended to benefit professionals involved in strategy development, whether as general manager, business manager, management consultant, strategic planning manager, business development specialist, entrepreneur, or functional specialist.

1.500 Credit hours
1.500 Lecture hours
0.000 Lab hours

Levels: MN or MC Graduate, Juris Doctor, Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lecture

Strategy Department

Must be enrolled in one of the following Degrees:     
      Master of Business Admin.

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