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Spring 2018
Jul 01, 2022
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BADM 749 - The Business of Defense
The Department of Defense (DoD) is charged with protecting the United States against foreign aggression and securing its interests around the world through military means in line with the overarching US national security strategy. That responsibility demands a particular set of products primarily provided by a rather specialized industry well versed in the business of selling weapons and military equipment to the government. The primary customer (and often times,sole customer) for defense related products is the DoD. The Congress, which provides the DoD with their funding to buy the equipment, largely determines the size of the market by how much budget they appropriate and authorize each year. Most uniquely, new products sold in this market are developed at the request and oversight of both the DoD customer and the Congress. Operating a business that competes in this highly regulated market requires different business development and marketing approaches. Program managers have a very different challenge to developing, manufacturing and then selling their products. The customer also plays an integral partnership role in the research and development of new products, often times sharing the financial risk of bringing a new product to market. While Fortune 100 defense firms such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman dominate the market, an ecosystem of smaller businesses also offer unique solutions to specific defense related problems. Whether large or small, however, any company that seeks to earn business with the DoD must navigate a cumbersome, frustratingly complicated defense acquisition process that requires long-suffering patience before realizing a profit—a unique market barrier that dissuade many other businesses. This course is suited for students seeking to understand the fundamentals of the US defense industry—how market demand is generated, how customer funding works, and how business transaction is consummated. Students will also be introduced to the concept of wargaming as a methodology used by DoD to determine what types of new capabilities they may need to develop. The defense industry can also use this methodology to evaluate new products and even identify how to market them to the DoD and Congress.
1.500 Credit hours
1.500 Lecture hours

Levels: MN or MC Graduate
Schedule Types: Lecture

Business Administration Department

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