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Fall 2019
Feb 24, 2020
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African Sexualities & Cultures - 36629 - WGST 242 - 01
This class looks at discourses of gender and sexual diversity on the African continent from a variety of perspectives. The course centers the narratives and cultural production of those who identify (or dis-identify) as LGBTQ+ in circumstances where such an identity is frequently considered “UnAfrican.” It explores: 1) the sexual and gendered legacies of European colonialism (and its ongoing manifestations); 2) the possibilities and limitations of inherited “queer” terminology from the west (frequently employed by the non-profit industry), and 3) the methods that gender and sexually diverse Africans have employed to made sense and space for themselves across a variety of national and cultural contexts. Our discussions operate with the understanding that “Africa” is, following philosopher V.Y. Mudimbe, as much a rhetorical invention as a geographical location. While the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ Africans are very real, the popular depiction of the continent as socially “backwards” and uniformly homophobic is arguably the latest iteration of a far older script. Drawing on recent scholarship in the field of Queer African Studies, African Cultures and Sexualities seeks out alternative narratives and non-normative presence in contemporary literature, art, film, performance, and in digital space.
Associated Term: Fall 2019
Registration Dates: Apr 01, 2019 to Sep 06, 2019
Levels: Undergraduate
Attributes: SFS/CULP Social Science, SFS/CULP Core, SFS/RCST Africa, Core:HALC - Hum, Art, Lit, Cul, X-List: AFAM

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3.000 Credits
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Lecture 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm MW Intercultural Center 221B Aug 28, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019 Lecture April Sizemore-Barber E-mail

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