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Fall 2021
Jul 01, 2022
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Propaganda,Conspiracy&Politics - 40111 - JCIV 181 - 01
For more than a century, Protocols of the Elders of Zion has been used to advance a powerful and persistent antisemitic narrative: that Jews are plotting to take over the world. From Adolf Hitler to Henry Ford, rabid antisemites have championed this fabricated text as a historical document and published it widely. Using Protocols as a launching point, this course will examine the history and nature of propaganda and conspiracism with an eye toward understanding how such vehicles of influence are constructed and deployed in today’s hyper-mediated politics. In this course, students will investigate how the “Jewish conspiracy” is leveraged in populist politics around the globe and in America in particular. Students will have the opportunity to dive deep into the dark recesses of the internet and/or library archives and conduct original research on the online communities, actors, and economies that thrive off of the demonization of Jews and other persecuted communities. Students will carry out a semester long research project informed by course readings, instructor guidance, and peer feedback. Students will have the rare opportunity to unpack the politics, sociology, and historical underpinnings of today’s global, digitally networked white supremacist movement and to do so in a safe, respectful, dynamic, and intellectually challenging classroom. Course also listed as INAF 181.
Associated Term: Fall 2021
Registration Dates: Apr 05, 2021 to Sep 03, 2021
Levels: Undergraduate
Attributes: Core: Diversity/Domestic, Core: Diversity/Global, SFS/CULP Social Science, SFS/CULP Methods, SFS/IPOL Security Studies, SFS/IPOL Electives, SFS/RCST Theory and Methods, X-List: AMST, X-List: FMST, X-List: JOUR

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3.000 Credits
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Seminar 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm W Reynolds 133 Aug 25, 2021 - Dec 17, 2021 Seminar Emily Blout E-mail

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