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Fall 2021
Aug 07, 2022
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Aging and Ageism - 40331 - MHUM 450 - 01
Ageism. It’s an “ism” that doesn’t get as much attention as some others – racism, sexism, classism, ableism — but it affects us all, without exception. From childhood, we’re shown that “old” = “frail,” “inept,” “cranky.” That detrimental view of aging translates to inequity, injustice and discrimination. By 2025, one in every five Americans will be 65 or older, as the Baby Boom generation dominates the top of the aging population pyramid. The impact of this global issue is emerging in areas ranging from housing to healthcare, and COVID-19 has brought these issues to light even more. In this seminar, we’ll explore theories of aging, examine the role of the media in shaping how society views aging and elders, analyze public health policies that help/hinder our elders, and consider how to bring about social justice change, particularly through the lens of journalism and storytelling.
Associated Term: Fall 2021
Registration Dates: Apr 05, 2021 to Sep 03, 2021
Levels: MN or MC Graduate, Undergraduate

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1.000 Credits
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Lecture 11:00 am - 11:50 am R St. Marys 111 Aug 25, 2021 - Dec 17, 2021 Lecture Pamela Anne Saunders E-mail, Ann Oldenburg E-mail

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