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Fall 2022
Jul 01, 2022
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Jews on Trial - 35056 - JCIV 225 - 01
This course begins by asking when and how law became separate from religion in the Israelite-Judaean world. It moves on to consider how we might evaluate and understand the narrative of Jesus’ trial and demise in the Gospels in light of information outside those accounts within Judaean, pagan Roman and early Jewish literature. Noting that, regardless of the details that favor or disfavor the Gospel account, many generations of Christians have accept it as unequivocally true, the book goes on with a review that is both concise and extensive of the history of Christian-Jewish relations, examining that relationship through a legal and quasi-legal lens. From medieval Blood Libels to the notorious Dreyfus Affair and from the story of Leo Frank’s trial and eventual murder to that of Adolph Eichmann’s trial and execution to that of Jonathan Pollard’s trial behind closed doors and ongoing incarceration, the narrative suggests that the Jew seems always to be on trial in the courtroom of journalistic and historiographic examination, whether as the accused, the accuser, the jury or the judge. Course also listed as INAF 206.
Associated Term: Fall 2022
Registration Dates: Apr 01, 2022 to Sep 02, 2022
Levels: Undergraduate
Attributes: Core: Diversity/Global, SFS/CULP Humanities, SFS/CULP Core, Core: Theology

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3.000 Credits
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Lecture 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm TR Intercultural Center 213 Aug 24, 2022 - Dec 17, 2022 Lecture Ori Z Soltes E-mail

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