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Spring 2019
Aug 07, 2022
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INAF 273 - CEP:
This course is a semester-long introduction to the politics of development in the Indian subcontinent, now termed “South Asia.” Along with Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia is one of two world regions in which the bulk of the planet’s poor are concentrated, a fact that has not changed since the end of European colonial rule. Why is this so? Do colonial legacies matter? Are there social dynamics within South Asian societies that perpetuate durable patterns of poverty and inequality? And what has been the track record of the modern state in transforming economy and society? Over the next fourteen weeks, we will draw on classic and contemporary scholarship across the disciplines of history, anthropology, sociology, economics and political science to gain a critical understanding of poverty, deprivation, and inequalities across the region. We shall seek to understand these seemingly economic phenomena as political and social concerns. No prior training in economics is thus necessary because we will take a pragmatic yet humane approach to these big real-life problems. By the end of the course, including a community engagement trip to National Capital Region of Delhi, India, students can expect a multi-dimensional understanding of poverty, inequality, and development in contemporary South Asia. Such an understanding will be grounded in learning in and outside the classroom. At the same time, our approach will be comparative so that we can situate South Asian experiences vis-à-vis the rest of the world, especially the Global South, rather than view them in isolation.
3.000 Credit hours
3.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lecture

International Affairs Department

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