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Spring 2019
Nov 14, 2019
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Theorizing Gender Violence - 36563 - CULP 357 - 70
Prerequisite of WRIT015 or WRIT016. Class open to juniors and seniors only. When we speak of gender violence and gender justice alike, we confront matters that lie at the heart of the knottiest anthropological, historical, legal and philosophical conundrums. These problems have prompted many to grapple with definitions and classifications derived from interdisciplinary fields of inquiry as diverse as ethnology, history, jurisprudence, neoliberal economics, political theory and development. This seminar disentangles discourses and practices of asymmetrical power that mark gender ideologies as embodiments of the social organization of differences. It engages culture and politics by expounding the ways in which religion, law and citizenship have come to comprise constitutive elements of gender politics and consequently the social relations emanating from it. The goal of this course is to explicate several predicaments: i.e. gender and ‘tradition’; locating the parameters of violence and conversely of justice; tracing the linkages between local and trans-local politics; and searching for what can be seen as foundations of gender violence. The course explores the diverse practices through which women are subjected to violence and forcibly made to face its consequences. Drawing from current affairs in the Middle East, topics ranging from religious discourses on child marriage and exclusion of women from political processes will be addressed. The course will help students’ ability to augment their knowledge of the role of interpretation in producing relations of power and inequality. As interpretation bears centrally on institutionalizing gender relations, this course will address the diverse forms of the appropriation of culture and tradition to exclude deeper understanding of politics. It will draw on extensive readings on comparative studies that addressed these subjects across space and time.
Associated Term: Spring 2019
Registration Dates: Dec 07, 2018 to Jan 14, 2019
Levels: MN or MC Graduate, Undergraduate
Attributes: SFS-Q/CULP Social Science, Diversity-Global: SFS-Q

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3.000 Credits
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Seminar 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm W Georgetown Building-Qatar 0A03 Jan 08, 2019 - May 02, 2019 Seminar Amira E Sonbol E-mail, Rogaia Abusharaf E-mail

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