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Spring 2019
Nov 14, 2019
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Zones Conflict / Zones Peace - 34624 - INAF 299 - 70
Registration in this course is by application only.
Needs Dean Approval
This course examines zones of ethnic, political, social, and religious conflict, with the goal of better understanding both the causes of conflict, and the difficult process of reconciliation. A major part of the program is a trip to the area studied to meet with relevant parties. The trips have been nine to eleven days and involved meetings with politicians, journalists, community organizers, and other change-makers in the destination country, as well as visits to points of historical interest. To prepare for this rigorous period of meetings, tours, and discussions, participants study the subject matter leading up to the trip, designed to familiarize them with the history of the conflict in question, as well as background information about the destination country. Past destinations have included Israel and Palestine, Rwanda, Germany and Poland, Northern Ireland, East Timor Cambodia, Cyprus, South Africa, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, Oman, Zanzibar, and Japan. The Spring 2019 program will focus on the Basque Country. This region has been the last territorial enclave in Western Europe to experience violent conflict from a secessionist group: ETA. It has been only recently (2010) that ETA has renounced the use of violence. The early phases of a process of peace-building are now under way. Since June 1968, when ETA killed for the first time, the organization has killed a total of 829 people and has engaged in 2,472 violent acts. Among the victims are members of the state’s defence and security forces (from the Spanish army to the statewide civil guards and national police, to the Basque police –Ertzaintza, and all the way down to local police forces), politicians at all levels, and normal citizens, including children. The transition to democracy did nothing to assuage ETA’s violence; if anything, ETA intensified even further the number of deadly attacks in the hope that, with the establishment of democracy in Spain, the Basque Country could finally achieve its independence. During the most violent years (late 1980s and early 1990s) the Spanish state, in its fight against ETA’s violence, went beyond constitutional means and engaged in a “dirty war” with the organization, a war between the state and ETA that unfolded in the midst of Basque society. Today, victims and perpetrators share the same geographic spaces and are still deeply scarred by the recent past. Building peace after 50 years of violence is the great challenge facing the Basque Country today.
Associated Term: Spring 2019
Registration Dates: Dec 07, 2018 to Jan 14, 2019
Levels: Undergraduate
Attributes: SFS-Q Media and Politics Comp, SFS-Q/CULP Social Science, SFS-Q/IPOL Major

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3.000 Credits
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Seminar 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm TU Georgetown Building-Qatar 0A04 Jan 08, 2019 - May 02, 2019 Seminar Sonia Alonso Saenz de Oger E-mail

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